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Friday, August 28, 2015

We'd like to invite you to The Space Between The Words art exhibit

                                                                    Please join us for
The Space Between The Words
a group art exhibit

1:33 _Video Invite from the Organizers:
Judy Bracci, Allen James, Karl Blomseth, Wendy Blomseth 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Join us for these Gallery Events and Hours

The Space Between The Words
a group art exhibit
Gallery Hours and Events at the Vine Arts Center
2637 - 27th Ave. So., Second Floor Gallery, Mpls., MN  55406

Not pictured: Sandra Brick, Diane Gamm, Aribert Munzner, Donna Triska.

September 14th      5:30 - 7  open gallery visitation time 

September 17th   Transforming Raw Materials into Art - Stop in any time between 5:30 - 8:00.  show and tell with artists talk.  Artist members  Karen Graham, JoAnne Middaugh, Erika Hammerschmidt, Harry Samtur will demonstrate their process of transforming raw materials into art.
Families and children of all ages are welcome.

Endel Kallas

September 19th    1:30 - 3:30pm - "Images of the Ineffable." 
We will explore refreshing traditional symbols using imagery as visual metaphor grounded in nature to express experiences we can not easily put into words.  Endel Kallas, artist member will facilitate this discussion .

Jim M. Foreman
September 20th     1:30 - 3:30 pm - 
Unite Your Community Through the Arts", 
focuses on building quality lifestyles/community through e
xploring art and discussion in engaging and enjoyable ways.
Member, Jim M. Foreman will facilitate the discussion.

September 21st     5:30 - 7 open gallery visitation time 

Sandra Brick
September 24th    5:30 - 8  Poetry Inspired by Art. 
Featuring Sandra Brick & (stepson) Michael Amram share their collaboration with Michael's Haiku poems and Sandra's  fiber art pieces. Artists and guests read out loud a poem that was inspired by painting, photo, sculpture, etc. 

September 26th     11a.m. - 5p.m. CLOSING CELEBRATION  of our exhibition experience together.

Visit the Art Salon For Fertile Minds art-related discussions the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  Come to inspire and be inspired.  All levels of artist experience welcome (aspiring, FT and PT.)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Meet the artists of The Space Between The Words group art exhibit

“The Space Between The Words” is a group art exhibit.
The group show is comprised of eighteen members of the “Art Salon For Fertile Minds
who have attended the salon between its inception in February 2011 until March 2015. 

Karl Blomseth 
Wendy Blomseth
Judith Dion Bracci
Sandra A. Brick
Jim M. Foreman
Susan Gainen
Diane Gamm
Karen Graham
Erika Hammerschmidt
Allen James
Endel Kallas
Manda McCarty
JoAnne Middaugh
Ardell Nelson
John Ricker
Harry Samtur
Donna Triska
David Wynia
BY SPECIAL INVITATION:  Aribert Munzner, renown painter/retired instructor at MCAD,  long time member and guest presenter at the Art Salon For Fertile Minds.

(See group photo immediately below and individual artist statements in alphabetical order with contact information to follow.)

When you’re in an art salon discussion group that meets once a month you often wonder, “What are the members doing in between our art salon discussion gatherings? What art is being created? When can we, and the public,  see what they’re doing?”

“The Space Between The Words”  exhibit attempts to answer these questions.  

“The Space Between The Words” group show is comprised of eighteen members of the Art Salon For Fertile Minds who have attended the salon between its inception in February 2011 until March  2015. It is an opportunity for members to exhibit a body of work that reveals what art we create in “the space” of time “between” the monthly gatherings when we primarily come to the art salon for inspiration and “words” between kindred souls.

The Meet-up social media platform is  used as our primary means of communication with Facebook, as second.  Initially we are strangers who, over time get  to know each other based on the stories we tell of our art endeavors and the conversations in which we choose to engage. Consequently, we see only one aspect of each other but learn to appreciate and respect each others art filled souls that have been created out of a life time of creating art work that has shaped and molded who we are today.

The organizers of the Art Salon For Fertile Minds wish to create a group experience that encourages the members to collaborate, connect and make the time more significant and art filled of an experience when we are together. 

The gallery host, the Vine Arts Center is a non-profit arts center, where most of the gatherings have been held. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Wendy Blomseth, Photographer in The Space Between The Words


Invite to The Space Between The Words
from Wendy Blomseth

Still Life - Thanksgiving, November 2013

Still Life - St.  Patrick's Day, March 2015
Still Life - Easter, April 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sandra Brick, Fiber Artist in The Space Between The Words


Frosted Grass

Drops of Sun