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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Relationship Between Love and Art - May 2014

The evening was a true salon experience unlike any other. Museum-goers who had attended the Henri Matisse and Edward Hopper exhibits critiqued and recommended these two shows. Member, Endel K. said "a great art exhibit should change the viewer after having experienced the artwork."  He left the Matisse exhibit changed and Karl B. felt the same about the Hopper experience.  (more on THAT below.)

The art salon discussions explored The Relationship Between Love and Art. Again, we've touched on a subject that you can talk about for hours. We barely scratched the surface of love and art with countless references to (1) loved ones who have created art, especially paintings, that held our love and attention for decades and (2) collaborations with husbands/partners/fellow artists. The joy and challenges of working with others can be a lovely experience (or not so much.)

Longtime member, Doug Sievers left the CURRENTS show (on display now at the Vine Arts Center) changed and inspired. So much so that he created and performed for us a multi-media performance of river-current-themed-poetry and photography.  Quite a performance! 

It is suggested that for June we discuss The Relationship Between Nature And Art.  You can simply think Spring. Or, you can also think how much we love nature and how she inspires and energizes artists and their art work.

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