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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Being In Synch - July 2014

The July gathering of the Art Salon for Fertile Minds was all about "BEING IN SYNCH" and we were.

There was never a quiet moment as people talked about how it felt to be in synch with their art, their artmaking process, their surroundings, the beating of their hearts, etc. Well, you can almost imagine.  I was so engrossed in the conversations that I never took one picture, very unusual.

At the conclusion of the art salon discussion it seemed that the thread of conversation that would carry over for next month, August, would be a discussion around...
HOW DO YOU BEGIN? A single piece? A whole new series? A short poem? A full novel? Do you pre-visualize how it's going to end?

What gets you in the mood to engage with your art process? Quiet? Loud? Music? Meditation?  Inside? Outside? Nature? Urban Environment?
It can be so subjective and so varied from one day to the next, or not.

Let's share our BEGINNINGS process and see how it inspires and affects one another.

And, speaking of beginnings, you should have received a CALL FOR ARTIST ENTRIES for an Art Salon For Fertile Minds group show to be on display in 2015 (if accepted). Please email if you wish to receive the application.

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