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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Best Practices for a Group Art Exhibit - October 2014

 Vine Arts Center member show on exhibit "Get Behind The Work, II"

How Can You Make a Group Show Experience a Win/Win

What a delight to have our meeting at the Vine Arts Center while surrounded by the beautiful original art created by members for the Get Behind The Work, II member show.

I must admit the October gathering was the perfect blend of having a respectful discussion that was on task to the subject while also inspiring 90 minutes of continuous idea brainstorming around "best practices for a group art exhibit."  Cannot wait for what Donna calls "the Fertile Minds Journey."  More specifics on the show via direct email messaging.

November's discussion will start with the idea  to "BE INSPIRED versus to BE DISCIPLINED." 

An artist has to look inside each day and ask "am I working out of inspiration (that may come and go) or am I working in a disciplined manner that may sustain me for hours, days, months, a lifetime?"  When you have a goal such as an upcoming exhibit, does that change your pace of work? Do you wait for the midnight inspiration or,  put in a full day's work hoping to push through any blocks along the way?  How do you overcome the internal rebellion against disciplined work or, as Amanda said, "what if you feel like a sloth somedays"?  What do you do to tap into your inner creativity? 

We'll start the evening discussion with these ideas and see where these questions take us.

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  1. I'm excited to find out how others approach their "tasks" in painting. Myself, I have so many different directions I want to go in, I have to "pick n' choose". Being a new artist, I want to explore as many facets as I can before settling in on one particular style or technique. All I know is I really enjoy painting and just need to find more time for it.
    Allen James